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Cryotherapy Treatment Explained


How Does Cryotherapy Work?

CryoPen utilizes a technology called cryotherapy. ‘Cryo’ is derived from the word ‘icy cold.’ It includes the use of a high-pressure jet of nitrous oxide – N20 or liquid nitrogen.

This is applied and intended directly for the lesion to be cured. Cryotherapy is FDA approved.

How Can It Be Treated?

Cryopen is the state of the art treatment, which employs extreme cold to safely and painlessly abolish unwanted, benign, superficial lesions on the surface of your skin. 

Is Cryopen Safe?

CryoPen is considered one of the top lesion treatment tools accessible on the market to aesthetic practitioners and cosmetic therapist.

The process is composed of the derma expert aiming the CryoPen tip for the lesion of choice you want to be treated.

Then your derma consultant will apply the nitrous oxide that freezes the abnormal tissue, stopping the blood flow without damage the surrounding cells and tissues.

Benefits Of Cryotherapy Reading


Cryopen is utilized in the treatment of almost any benign skin lesion.

It’s one of the least invasive lesion treatment available in the market today. That means less trauma to your skin so fewer complications.

No anesthesia is needed, and it’s painless, except you will feel a bit of discomfort from the cold sensation.

Cryotherapy only takes far less time, along with treatment sessions that take less than two minutes.

Precise enough for eyelid skin tag removal

Cryotherapy Information

Cryotherapy operates by releasing a fine jet of very pressurised gas.

Can pigment be removed with CryoPen?

Skin tags, warts, verrucae, pigmentation, milia, cherry angiomas, and other conditions can all be treated with CryoPenTM.

It works by freezing the intercellular fluid, causing ice shards and crystals to develop, which tear the membrane and kill the cell. This destroys the tissue.

Cryopen For Warts
A rapid and painless method of wart and skin tag removal is CryoPenTM.

It employs cryotherapy, an application of extremely cold temperatures, to eliminate moles and warts among other skin defects painlessly and safely.

The best viral verrucae removal treatment – effectively remove a verrucae permanently!

Can Cryopen Remove A Skin Tag On Eyelid?

A skin tag is a little tissue flap that hangs from the skin on a stalk. Skin tags do not pose a threat.

They most frequently affect women, particularly those who have gained weight and the elderly. If the skin tag frequency scrapes across clothing or jewellery, irritation may result.

Skin tags are more common in women than in men.

Skin tags can be larger but are often only a few millimetres in size.

They typically appear on the neck, under the breasts, in the groyne area, or in the armpits.

They may also develop on the eyelids or beneath the buttock creases.
With the CryoPen, removing skin tags does not encourage their growth.


After the treatment, it is recommended to leave the area exposed as this speeds up the healing procedure. You must keep the area out of the sunshine.

After all, you don’t like to risk hyperpigmentation or scarring. Nonetheless, your practitioner might apply a simple plaster or dressing if there’s a likelihood that the lesion might get aggravated or rubbed in any way.